4 Complete Military Romances


DESERT ROSE: “…a firecracker of a book from Laura Taylor! In the beautifully written DESERT ROSE, a downed pilot imprisoned in the Middle East learns the true meaning of love when a lovely humanitarian relief worker is thrown into the next cell. Ms. Taylor . . . brilliantly depicts the very high price sometimes asked of individuals in the name of higher causes. It is the joy of her lovers’ triumph over their adversity that will linger with you always.” Romantic Times Book Reviews

MIDNIGHT STORM: “Not even the destructive force of a tornado can equal the MIDNIGHT STORM in the heart of a lovely innkeeper when a handsome Marine Corps pilot comes back into her life after barely surviving a perilous mission in the Middle East. This compelling love story from Laura Taylor shines, ending on a note of luminous joy for lucky readers to savor and cherish.” Romantic Times Book Reviews

HEARTBREAKER: Pride, determination, and sensuality collide in HEARTBREAKER. Author Laura Taylor received a Career Achievement Award for Series Romantic Adventure from Romantic Times Book Reviews for this novel.

MORE THAN FRIENDS: On the heels of a failed kidnapping attempt, Leah Holbrook awakens in a hospital ER to a world she doesn’t recognize and a man she doesn’t remember. But Naval Intelligence Officer Brett Upton is a man she intuitively trusts, and she can’t help but wonder if they are…MORE THAN FRIENDS.